What matters most…

Here’s the skinny: The best of us is bad so we’re in trouble because God’s good.  But because He’s merciful He made hope, forgiveness and salvation possible for all who will turn to Jesus.

Children love a good time.  It’s why they learn to ride a bike, play dressup, or play shortstop.  This doesn’t change with age.  Adults buy concert tickets, fly to Maui, save up money/spend it, have sex and retire, because they still love a good time.  But sooner or later bad times force big, nagging questions which good times silenced, to the surface.  Inevitably, the topic of God comes up. 

From His point of view we’re all alike.  Some of us have done really awful things that others wouldn’t do, while others are thought to be good, moral people.  Ironically, there are good people in hell and bad people in heaven.  God makes no distinction between really bad people and really good people—or anything in between.  He names us all sinners because There is no one righteous, not even one.  Since each of us has failed to be perfectly good God has us in His crosshairs.  Since He is both loving and just, we must pay the ultimate price for our crimes: physical death followed by a spiritual one.

Unless…  This is where Jesus comes in.  And God’s love.  He sent His Son Jesus from heaven to live on earth.  While here He lived a sinless life which meant that when He died, His death didn’t need to pay for his own sins.  It can pay for ours.  And the fact that He came back to life again after 3 days was God’s way of proving that His plan for deliverance in Jesus, worked.  “Told you!”

The Bible says that a person can find hope in this Jesus, forgiveness of sin from this Jesus, and receive an inheritance from this Jesus. How? Turn to God in repentance and have faith in the Lord Jesus. “Repenting” is deciding to turn from my love affair with sin. By faith I trust in Jesus to pardon me and grant me a new life (instead of God’s judgment) solely through Jesus’ death and resurrection.