Ukrainian Family Update

Who are Nina & Matvey?

Nina Foris and Matvey arrived Memorial Day, 2017 after receiving word that the rare genetic disorder that Matvey has had since birth is seen and treated at a local clinic in Strasburg, The Clinic for Special Children.

The clinic has provided lifesaving equipment and therapies, however Matvey is no longer a candidate for Gene Therapy. 

Nina, his mother, is his full-time caregiver. He is a special, cheerful boy in spite of his disability.  Nina continues to pray fervently for healing and asks that all believers pray in chorus with her for complete healing for her son.  They will continue to live in the US as long as Nina believes it’s God’s will to do so, there is hope for Matvey’s health to be restored, and Nina’s visa can be renewed. 

Nina & Matvey have been in the US for 3 1/2 years and have developed relationships with many families at Keystone. While Matvey has not been accepted into the Gene therapy program as hoped, Nina believes the US will provide the best chance for Matvey to survive. She still seeks programs that will help Matvey. 

 The Ukrainian fund is currently dangerously low in funds. Each month housing and transportation costs total over $1,100.00. Please consider donating to this fund by the end of November. Currently, the Compassion Fund is very well funded. We pray God will provide through your generous gifts.


Thank you letter from Nina (4/1): 

Dear Keystone,

Jeremiah 17:7
“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.”

Through these last almost three years there were hundreds of times when a cold paralyzing fear fettered me and didn't let me breathe.

And it took all my strength of spirit to stop and realize that is not what God wants me to do.

And when I stopped and looked at Him all the difficulties changed their directions to good.

Now, such a global fear tries to take hold of our souls.

Matvii and I pray for all of you to keep God's peace and joy.

To keep you all healthy.

And I want to say as much gratitude as I can to all who support us with our house.

I know that this is a difficult time not only spiritual but economical also to many.

 I am thankful to God and ask Him to bless you all for you help and mercy for us.


Would you consider giving today? 

 Keystone Church is providing rent in order for the family to live in a small home in Lampeter, it is perfect for their needs at this time.  Please consider supporting them by praying and giving to the Ukrainian Family Fund to provide housing for them while they are here in the USA. 

Once you click GIVE TODAY, the webpage will ask you how much you want to give, then go to the dropdown menu where it says "General" and scroll down to "Ukrainian Family"


Would you like to get more involved with Keystone's ministry to Matvey and Nina? 

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