Ukrainian Family Update

Nina Foris and Matvey Serduik from the Ukraine have found a 'somewhat' normal routine here in the US. Matvey's physical needs are great. Matvey and Nina arrived on Memorial Day from the Ukraine after receiving word that the rare genetic disorder that Matvey has had since birth is seen and treated at a local clinic in Strasburg, The Clinic for Special Children.

Nina, his mother, is his full-time caregiver. He is a special, cheerful boy in spite of his disability.  Nina continues to pray fervently for healing and asks that all believers pray in chorus with her for complete healing for her son.  They will continue to live here in the US for Matvey to receive gene therapy. Currently, Matvey is still undergoing testing to see if he is a candidate for this medical trial.

Keystone Church is providing rent in order for the family to live in a small home in Lampeter, it is perfect for their needs at this time.  Please consider supporting them by praying and giving to the Ukrainian Family Fund to provide housing for them while they are here in the USA.  The family has an extra need for the month of March to help pay $400 for heating oil.


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