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We believe that through the hand of God, Keystone Church has been given the opportunity to help an 8-year old Ukrainian boy Matvey, who is suffering from a rare life-threatening genetic disorder. The treatments that he needs are not available in the Ukraine, but are available right here in our community at the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg. Matvey will receive treatments for a period of 6 to 24 months. Keystone has agreed to help with housing and transportation for their stay here, and to provide "community" for them by welcoming them into our fellowship (they are Christians).



Thank you for welcoming Nina and Matvey with open arms. Please keep them in your prayers:

  • Pray for Nina as she continues to work through figuring out her drivers license validity here in the USA.
  • Pray that Nina's mother and father would be able to come visit at some point.
  • Pray for Matvey as he prepares to begin therapy at Schreiber pediatrics. 

    Nina has written a letter expressing her appreciation:
    Dear brothers and sisters of Key Stone Church! We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all of you that you are here and for all the help that we have been receiving through you. One year and a half ago our family faced a very serious trial. Step after step it was becoming harder and harder and very often we would think if we will be able to carry it all through.

    We have very long story. It is not easy to listen to, because it is about a child. But through all of the tough times the Lord has shown to be with us, as he promised not to give more than we could handle. When we go through hart times with Him he shows his love and mercy to us, as well as trains our muscles of faith.

    And today when the Lord gives so many presents for us I just want to share about His amazing grace that He has been pouring on us lately. At first He found the Special Clinic for us! But this present would't be so great if He didn't give us the Family! We had to "wait" for some time and He gave us another blessed gift- NEW FAMILY - YOUR CHURCH, our new family in Lord here! And He gave us to each other to show how big His Love Is!
    Matvey and I. as well as all of our friends and relatives thank all of you that you have been so attentive to Lord's voice of Love! You make huge work for us every day and we want to share with you all the blessings that we have! Mavtey already has many Improvements! And YOUR BIG FAMILY MADE MUCH WORK FOR THIS!

    May the Lord richly bless all of you and your families as you continue to serve Him each and every day,
    With the love of Christ,
    Nina & Matvey

    Special Fund:  A special fund has now been set up for those who wish to help support Nina & Matvey with their housing expenses. If you would like to support this ministry work financially, go to keystonechurch.org/give to give online, or simply attach a note to your check designating the gift to go to the Ukrainian Family Fund. 
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