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Dear Keystone Church,

One year and a half ago the Lord chose a way for our family to become stronger in Him, more and more courageous in him. He is an excellent trainer and He gave us a big and hard load. This training load was as heavy as a champion would need to carry. He started to train our muscles of faith. And it seemed even harder than a world champion could bear. Then one day he decided it was time for us to have a reward for this training. We have a very long story and it is not easy to listen too since it involves a child. Today the Lords gives us so many gifts. I want to show his grace without any of the hard memories. The first thing He did for us is finding the Clinic for Special Children but this reward would not have been such a blessing without the reward of finding us a NEW FAMILY. Your church is our family in the Lord here. He gave us to each other to show how much He loves us. Me and Matvey and our friends and relatives in the Ukraine thank all of you. Thank you for being attentive to the Lord's voice of love. You have worked hard on our behalf and we want to say thank you for all those blessings. Matvey has made improvements and YOUR BIG FAMILY HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THIS.

Nina Foris



Thank you for welcoming Nina and Matvey with open arms. They feel loved and cared for. Continue to pray for his rehabilitation, specifically that the therapies he needs would strengthen him and that the Lord would do a supernatural healing of his brain injury. Nina misses hearing his voice. Pray that he would be able to speak, walk and feed himself one day. The treatments at the hospital were successful in slowing and perhaps stopping the seizure activity in his brain. This is a huge praise. 

Special Fund:  A special fund has now been set up for those who wish to help support Nina & Matvey with their housing expenses. If you would like to support this ministry work financially, go to keystonechurch.org/give to give online, or simply attach a note to your check designating the gift to go to the Ukrainian Family Fund. 
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