Capturing hearts and minds with the beauty of the gospel. 



Our Audio, Video, and Lighting Teams use technology to amplify the message of the gospel.  Responsibilities include running soundboards, computers, projects, video cameras, and lights.  (Sunday Mornings…Ages 14+)

  • Audio Ministry Team Leader
  • Video Ministry Team Leader
  • Lighting Ministry Team Leader
  • Audio Tech
  • Video Tech
  • Lighting Tech
  • Video Camera Operator
  • AV Specialist



Our Music Team leads our congregation to worship Jesus by singing!    (Sunday Mornings…Ages 14+)

  • Worship Leader
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Keys
  • Other Instruments
  • Vocals



Our Staging Team uses the appearance of our stage to help people connect to God in worship and during the sermon!    
(During the Week…Ages 16+)

  • Team Leader
  • Team Member



Our Stories Team uses the arts to tell the stories of people’s lives who have been shaped by the gospel!  Projects involve video, photography, writing, and other arts.  (During the Week…Ages 14+)

  • Team Leader
  • Team Member



Our Preaching Team helps people connect God’s timeless Word with an ever-changing world.  Exegetical exaltation of the gospel!  (Sunday Mornings…Ages 18+)

  • Guest Preacher