Integrating the gifts and passions of the congregation into the life and mission of the church. 


Welcome Luncheon

Our Welcome Luncheon Team hosts lunches for people who are new to Keystone to get a quick glimpse at what Keystone is all about!  Responsibilities include hosting guests, preparing food, and introducing Keystone Staff.  (Sunday Afternoons…Ages 16+)

  • Coordinator
  • Volunteer


Keystone Parties & Meals

Our Meals and Parties Teams host events for people who are new to Keystone to connect with people who have been at Keystone for awhile.  Food, games, and a great time.  (During the Week…Ages 18+)

  • Coordinator
  • Host


Next Steps

Our Next Steps Teams helps people find ministry options, volunteer opportunities, and a home at Keystone.  (During the Week…Ages 18+)

  • Team Leader
  • Team Member



Our Correspondence Team makes sure people who are new to Keystone have the information they need to know about Keystone! 

  • Coordinator
  • Volunteer