Short-Term Missions

Considering a Short-Term Mission Trip? 

You're really going to do it! For several weeks or months, you're going to set aside your job, relationships, fun and responsibilities for an intense time of serving Christ. We suspect you'll come back quite different than when you left. As your church, we would be delighted to be a part of that. However, the major responsibility will be on you to make plans well in advance, pray, solicit others to pray for you, and raise money. Here are several things you should know about Keystone as a potential partner with your ministry.

  • We will consider partnering if you have a regularly recorded attendance at Keystone worship services for at least 6 months.
  • As a partner, our Mission Leadership Team will consider giving you a gift from the church. If we do, we will expect some things from you: meeting for an interview, and a written report when you return.
  • As a partner, you will have an opportunity to briefly share your plans with the church at weekly worship services.

Current Short Term Missions