Our Library

Serve with us!

Keystone Library is looking for some additional staff.
If you can serve one Sunday each month during either 1st or 2nd service, please contact Laura Klob at   or 484-746-0770.

Come see what our Keystone Church library has to offer! 

We have shelves of Christian living books, Family life books (Marriage/Men/Women/Children/Parenting), Autobiographies and Biographies, and books about Prayer, Adoption, Missions, and Evangelism.

We have a large selection of novels, a Youth section and a Children's book section! We have a variety of DVDs and audio dramas. We look forward to serving you.

Visit our library this Sunday!

We're located in the lower level by Cafe 4:12. We have several assistants to help you when you visit the library.

 Check out durations:

  • Books and CDs: 3 weeks
  • DVDs: 1 week

Library Curbside Pickup Procedures

We are providing only curbside pickup at this time. We have a database for you to browse and put in requests for pick-up on Sunday mornings. The link to the database is: https://kcpalibrary.librarika.com

How to put in a request: 
1. Click database link
2. Browse catalog using any of the menu options at the top (You do not need to be a member to browse or put in a request)
3. Click "Ask a Librarian?" button
4. Click email link
5. Put "Request" in subject line
6. In email body, list items wanted by title, author, and type (Book, CD, or DVD) Example: The Hiding Place by Corrie tenBoom; book
7. Include your first and last name
8. Pick up will be after each service, so please indicate which service you will be coming from. (Upstairs 1st, Upstairs 2nd, Downstairs Masks-only)
9. Put in requests by Saturday night at 6 pm. Any requests that come in after that will be fulfilled the following week.

To Pick up:
If coming from one of the upstairs services, go to library door on the Kids Ministry side.
If coming from the downstairs masks-only service,go to the library door on the Cafe 4:12 side.

To Return:
If you're upstairs in the lobby, please return all items to the drop box that is located at the end of the Information Center.
For those going to the downstairs masks-only service, please return items in the box located in the middle just inside the doors. 

*All returns will be quarantined for one week before being re-shelved.  
If you need any additional help, please use the "Ask a Librarian" button.

Thank you!
Laura Klob
Library Team Leader