A new team preparing to receive and resettle our next refugee family is poised and ready to go.  But there’s still time if you’d like to become part of it. 

Contact leader Barb Beiler by Dec. 21 at , or call 717-682-8624.

Current Refugee Team

Keystone is helping Bofuasani "Rachel" from the Democratic Republic of Congo adjust to American life. She belongs to a people group known as the Banyamulenge who have been heavily persecuted the last 10 years or so. She fled to Nigeria and arrived to the United States just before Thanksgiving, 2013. A team of about 17 people from Keystone are helping resettle her here in Lancaster.

We are partnering with Church World Service for this special program. For more information please visit their website.

Betty Rohrer is Keystone's contact and you can also contact her at .