Personal Note from Pastor Charlie

Perhaps you have come to this website page because you are considering seeking counseling help. Perhaps you are suffering some difficult times, or even facing a significant crisis. Whatever your situation, I extend my sympathy to you, and would like to try to help you. We live in a fallen world that has much pain and sorrow. But we have a hope that is founded on a Savior Jesus Christ. We at Keystone Church would like to share that hope with you.

We echo the mission statement of Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF), to Restore Christ to Counseling and Counseling to the Church. We believe that one of the reasons God created the church is to help one another through times of suffering. We encourage everyone in the church to not walk through trials on their own, but to seek out brothers and sisters in Christ to help them with their burdens, and to discover what God might be up to. We have a very broad view of counseling, and know that it can be as little as a brief one on one conversation in the church lobby, to as much as an in-depth counseling session with a trained counselor or pastor. Please click on the button below if you are interested in being counseled or have any questions.

I hope and pray that those of you in the Keystone Church will always feel open to come to us for help, and that we can help you for your good and God’s glory.

In Christ,
Pastor Charlie – Shepherding Pastor

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