Keystone people (and others interested) can form a Linked-Up group if they want to enjoy together an area of common interest such as riding motorcycles, reading and discussing books, playing Settlers, golfing, skiing, following sports teams, dining, bicycle riding, etc.

  • Could be one-time event or for a  limited time
  • Could be ongoing

Get Linked-Up to make/strengthen relationships among and use doors of common interest to open doors to share Jesus Christ.

Unlike CARE groups or ministry teams, you can start a group without meeting a “spiritual qualification”.  Group activities need not have a spiritual component such as prayer or Bible study.  It is understood that except for spiritual conversations which might appear among believers in any setting, these groups could look very much like a “non-church group”.  We do not view that with alarm because we know that when Christians get together for dinner/games/activities, they enjoy much conversation and laughter that is wholesome, but not “spiritual”; which we endorse as a church.  “Linked-Up” is simply a way of creating an official structure within the church for such relationship builders without having to involve a Ministry Team.