Do you wish your faith was more than a Sunday deal? Do you feel like you're stuck repeating the same sin over and over again without any hope for change? Are you unsure what you believe about some things that you suspect matter? Do you wish you were a man or woman marked by prayer—and not just prayers of duty? Do you wonder how to convey your faith to your children—or classmates? Do you worry about how the world's going? Do you say you know Christ but admit that you're always down? Are you wondering how you should serve God and is there a way to know what He wants?

What if I told you that Jesus offers you hope—in all of this?


"Jesus is Everything" is a 4-month mentoring with Pastor Keith Monday
evenings in the Keystone Youth Center - The Cellar.

Unsure? Come out and check out the class and then decide.

The class will begin at 7:00 PM each evening
9/11/17 - 1/29/18

Feel free to call Keith with questions at 717-768-7213.