Flourish Mentor Program Registration

Flourish Mentor Program Registration

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Hello Keystone Women!

We are looking forward to Flourish Year Two at Keystone Church!

Flourish is a great opportunity to grow spiritually and walk alongside one another. Through intentional one on one relationship we get to share about who God is and how He works on our lives as we journey together!

Check out this testimonial from those amidst their Year One journey. 

If you are curious about Flourish, talk to someone who is doing it this year; I am sure they would be happy to share their experience! As always you can come to Lynette or Ashlyn with any questions.

Apply to be a Mentee, Mentor, or both!
Applications are open until September 15th


Contact Ashlyn or Lynette with any questions!
Ashlyn Fabrick - , 484.319.5296
Lynette Nisly – , 717.475.0117

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