CARE Groups Defined

In a church of over 600 people it is virtually impossible for good ministry to take place without CARE Groups. 

So we would love to see everyone actively involved in one of our CARE Groups.   We intentionally do not have weekly evening worship services because we want to be sure you have time to be part of a CARE Group.  Each CARE Group is unique, but generally speaking here’s what our groups are like: 

  • 4 to 22 adults plus children, led by a shepherd or shepherd couple.
  • Most groups meet in homes twice a month, but some meet every week, and others only once a month.  Meetings range from 1 ½ to 3 hours in length.
  • Bible study of some sort is usually part of every meeting, but do not shy away from a CARE Group if you’re not familiar with your Bible.  The shepherds will help you, and you can grow alongside of others who are also learning.
  • Sharing and praying for one another.  Uncomfortable praying in front of others?  No problem, our shepherds are trained to be sensitive by not asking anyone to do anything that would make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Food and drink are also a part of each meeting.
  • Childcare varies from group to group, so be sure to ask about childcare when searching for a CARE Group. 
  • Most CARE Groups do service projects, such as serving a meal at The Factory Youth Center, helping at Water Street Rescue Mission, yard work for a family in need, etc.
  • Social activities, such as miniature golf, hiking, biking, and weekend retreats are a fun part of each CARE Group.
  • Being in relationship and truly caring for one another is the best part of all the groups.  You will have the opportunity to not only receive care, but also give it. 

If you'd like to learn more about our CARE Groups or inquire about joining one, let us know! 

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