Core Values

Biblical authority & power

We value the Bible as God’s Word and recognize it as the final authority for our lives and ministry.

 Christ-centered praise

We value praising God as a church in ways that exalt Christ, are spiritually meaningful and culturally relevant.

A Culture of Prayer

We value individual and corporate prayer as expressions of our dependence on God for power and guidance.

Lifechanging Discipleship

We value developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through teaching, training and relationships. 

Reaching the Lost

We value sharing Jesus Christ with lost people near and far.

Sacrificial Stewardship

We value the role of every Christian as a steward of God’s time and resources, and strive to give sacrificially.

Leadership Development

We value identifying, inspiring, and equipping those God has called to leadership in the church.

Adaptive Ministry

We value a willingness to change in order for ministries to effectively impact people.

Healthy Relationships

We value developing loving relationships that are marked by care, authenticity, and forgiveness.

Practical Ministry

We value ministering to people’s physical and material needs.

 Healthy Families

We value helping family members understand and grow in their roles and relationships.