Our Adult Bible Fellowship Ministry is comprised of moderately sized groups (numbering 25-50) of adults meeting weekly to study and discuss the Bible and Christian topics along with a teacher.

All adults are welcome. Young, old, and in-between.

We want to help adults grow in their understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him.

join us!

Sunday Mornings
Fellowship Hall North & South
8:00 AM and 9:00 AM

Current topics & Times: 

Description: Please join us as we continue our journey through the Scriptures; discovering together that each story from Genesis to Revelation is part of the bigger story of God’s redemptive work through the Gospel, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Class: The Gospel Project
Teacher: Joel Robinson, Tim Manthey, Jeff Neely
Where: Worship Center - Fellowship Hall South
When: 9:00 AM 
For: Anyone


Description: Topics that will be discussed include developing meaningful relationships, sharing Christ's deep love with each other and how to self-sacrifice by putting others before yourself. 

Class: Engaging the Culture
Teacher: Bryan Lefever, Josh Bare
Where: Worship Center - Fellowship Hall North
When: 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM
For: Anyone

Schedule of Topics For engaging the culture: 


  • 7: All need close friendships, what keeps us from developing them.
  • 14: Strong common bond, one heart, one mind, connection
  • 21: [Easter, no class]
  • 28: Shared affection, Bible talks of deep love for each other


  • 5: Self-Sacrifice-willing to put others first
  • 12: Testimonies; The Power of your story
  • 19: Testimonies; The Power of your story
  • 26: Fellowship Time


  • 2: Nourish with good food
  • 9: Feed yourself